Are you a healer, coach, service provider or entrepreneur who would like to land more great clients with ease and confidence?

Do you find yourself saying things like:

“Why can’t I ever seem to fill my schedule?”

“If only ALL my clients could be like (fill in the name of your best client)!”

“I hate hard-core selling.”

 “It’s so hard to explain what I do for people.”

 “I want to take my coaching/healing business online, but I’m not sure even how to start”?

“I know what to do to market myself, I just don’t have the time/expertise/desire to do it all myself!”

Christie Michelsen is uniquely qualified to help healers and coaches get great clients by combining a solid foundation of practical marketing strategies, creative skills, and shamanic mentoring techniques to help you:

  • Gain the CONFIDENCE you need to be a successful entrepreneur
  • Pack your schedule with the ideal clients you LOVE to work with
  • Reduce or eliminate problem clients
  • Create a brand that your tribe will LOVE and that sets you apart from all others
  • Connect with your angels, guides, and your higher self to make marketing decisions that are truly aligned with your PURPOSE
  • Create SYSTEMS that will bring clients to you virtually on demand
  • Identify and LET GO of doubts, fears and limiting beliefs you might have about money and/or client attraction, so you can be confident and successful in your marketing and sales efforts
  • Create a business based on the principles of true PROSPERITY (different from simply making a lot of money)
  • OR – if you’re already going great guns with your business and just need DONE-FOR-YOU marketing support from a creative professional who understands the needs of a spiritual entrepreneur, let’s connect!

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“Christie… knows how to see exactly what is happening with you on many levels and (is) able to simply guide you into what you are needing to embody right now.  My time with her through personal readings has been illuminating and powerful…with clear instruction on how to move forward with my life and business.”

– Daniel John Hanneman, CEO & Founder of Academy for Invincible Healers

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