Christie Michelsen is an expert marketing creative and strategist who develops results-based marketing content and systems that are truly aligned with her clients’ higher purpose.

As a professional copywriter, she has written client-attracting copy for dozens of organizations, including Fortune 500 work. She has also studied client attraction techniques under some of the top names in the industry, including the legendary Dan Kennedy.  Her strategic partnership with Marketing to Millionaires founder Kelly O’Neil has given her terrific insight into the minds and souls of the affluent, and has made her a sought-after writer for those wishing to market to an affluent clientele.

As a marketing and small business coach, Christie helps her clients develop clear, meaningful branding that resonates with their higher purpose, along with laser-targeted marketing strategies that land more of the ideal clients they really want to work with. Her training and experience as an energy healer, artist and professional writer gives her a unique understanding of the needs of intuitive and creative practitioners, and enables her to help her clients identify and clear the inner blocks and limiting beliefs that hold them back from helping others to their highest potential.

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