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Feeling out of step with society? This spirit animal message could help

“Love yourself first and everything else falls into line. You really have to love yourself to get anything done in this world.” – Lucille Ball

DTurtle on birchbarko you, like many highly spiritual people, ever feel out of place and socially awkward in mainstream society?

Feeling that way is uncomfortable at best. At worst it can sabotage your ability to promote your services.

In addition to developing marketing strategies, I help my clients work through any inner blocks to prosperity and success.  Spirit guides, including angels and spirit animals, often come forward to help in this work.
Turtle showed up the other day while I was working with a client who mentioned feeling socially out of step at times. I thought this part of Turtle’s message to that person might be helpful to others as well: 

Turtle is a very cosmic symbol – one Ojibwa medicine man I know told me Turtle represents “all of life”, and there are several myths where Turtle carries the Earth on her back.

Many species of Turtle are awkward and slow on land (the everyday world), but graceful and swift in the water (the spiritual world). So Turtle often shows up for people who are highly spiritual, to help them ground themselves. Turtle’s message to you today is to accept yourself and be loving and compassionate towards yourself. If you find yourself feeling out of place in everyday life, work or society, just think of Turtle, center yourself, and smile.

You have the power to bring your spirit energy into the mundane world, just by being present. That is a great gift. Don’t feel like you have to “fit in.” Most people don’t have that connection as strongly as you do which is why you don’t relate to their everyday actions and words. In actuality, these people often feel insecure inside. When you accept yourself and stay grounded in your spiritual connection, others will feel it. You may find that they start to gravitate to you. You will have a calming influence on them, and while you may still not feel quite like one of them, you will earn their love and respect.

Turtle is very self-contained, and knows how to protect itself. The shadow side of this can be a tendency to retreat into one’s shell. You have developed powerful spiritual protection that you may not even be aware of. It is safe now to stick your head and limbs out of your shell. As you move forward you will find that the shell remains to protect you, but it will become more and more transparent to let the light that is within you shine forth.

If you are feeling shy about offering your healing, coaching or creative services because you feel a bit out of step with most of the rest of humanity, remember Turtle.
Imagine her protective shell around you as you swim forth. She can help you bring your Light out into the world! 🙂


Winds of change

Wind woman RGBIf there is one thing we can be certain of in life, it’s that things change.

And if we want to grow, change is inevitable. That inner call to purpose is in fact an invitation – sometimes even a command – to change our beliefs, our minds, our direction, sometimes all of the above.

But funny thing, if you follow it long enough sometimes it brings you full circle.

In recent years I’ve undergone a tremendous spiritual awakening that opened up gifts which I’ve felt compelled to share in service to others in the form of spiritual readings and healing work. This work is tremendously fulfilling and I’m grateful for the positive feedback I’ve received.

However, I have found that just as it didn’t feel right to NOT follow the healer’s path, so it also doesn’t feel right to leave my creative career in marketing behind. I find that leaving either one off the table leaves me feeling polarized, unstable, and inauthentic.

What to do?

In an interview I heard several years back, Karl Henrik Robert, the founder of The Natural Step, introduced a technique for dealing with difficult people. It is the “yes, and” technique.

Very simply, rather than opposing someone’s point of view (typically with a “No, but…” or even a “Yes, but…” response), you find something in it you can agree with and then tie it in to a portion of your own agenda so they can see how the situation could be changed to work for both parties (“Yes, and…”)

I have found this to be an extremely effective technique over the years. And now, faced with seemingly opposing agendas within myself, I’ve turned to it again.

Yes, I am a healer. And, I’m a die-hard creative (and hopeless marketing geek.)

Why not combine the two?

So that’s what I’m doing: My new brand, Lead Gen for Healers, combines my intuitive gifts with my creative skills and marketing expertise to help other healers, coaches, and service providers connect with more of the clients they love to work with.

It’s been a long time coming, but it feels right!



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