I feel very blessed to be living my purpose: using my creative and intuitive talents to support those who are working to create a more conscious, awakened humanity. But it was quite a journey getting here!

Here’s my story:

Michael the Archangel smIt started with the art.

I was drawing probably before I could even walk. Animals, mostly. 🙂

While majoring in art at St. Olaf College, I began to notice that the paintings I created gave clues to what was happening “behind the scenes” in my psyche – like dreaming on canvas.  As the years went on the images that came through for me became guideposts to help me along in life.

Later when things started to pop for me spiritually, I discovered that I could tune into other people and retrieve dream images for them as well, and understand and interpret their messages both for myself and others.  I began also to be aware of the presence of angels around the people I had started to help. With the help of spiritual mentors, I gradually was brought to realize that the art I do is a portal for archetypal energy and carries the healing energies of the subjects.

Without specifically marketing myself as an illustrator or designer ,  I have always done my own design work and have been approached to do quite a few of these types of projects over the years. One of my favorite projects was illustrating the children’s book Prince the Surprise Horse.

Spirit Buffalo with matThe writing came next. 

It was one of those “still small voice” events. One day I heard it say, “You want to write.”

“Shut up, ” I said. “I’m no writer. I can’t come up with a plot to save my life.”

But the voice didn’t care. “You want to write,” it insisted. So I wrote.

After a time I started to help my husband run his retail music store. He noticed that I enjoyed the marketing end of things, and bought me a course in copywriting from American Artists and Writers, Inc. I devoured it, and it wasn’t long before I’d ditched the store and embarked on a full time copywriting career. I have written for dozens of private organizations, a number of top agencies (including Fortune 500 work) and as a freelance staff writer for trade and consumer magazines.

And naturally, marketing. 

If you want to get good at copywriting, you have got to learn marketing. For me it kind of became an obsession – maybe because I was SO afraid to market myself at the beginning! For whatever reason, I became a hopeless marketing geek, studying under some of the top names in the industry.  I amassed a huge amount of knowledge, but somehow something always blocked me from putting it to use for myself, until…

A spiritual awakening … 

In 2010 things weren’t going too well for me. I felt blocked in my artwork, my copywriting business hadn’t taken off yet, and I struggled with personal issues. A visit to the one new age store in town introduced me to Reiki, and I signed up for classes, eventually getting certified as an  Advanced Reiki Practitioner (Reiki 3) .

I didn’t feel called at that point to practice Reiki on others, but began doing it for myself. Gradually, amazing shifts started to happen. Eventually I landed at the Academy for Invincible Healers, where I became certified as an Energy Scan Practitioner Level 2.  It was kind of like discovering you’re Harry Potter. I suddenly found that I had intuitive gifts that I could use to help others, including helping them connect with their spirit animal and angel guides.

I began doing energy work professionally, while still maintaining a freelance copywriting career AND getting back to painting (after suffering from artist’s block for years.) However I still felt stuck. None of these paths, by themselves, felt like the right path forward. I was generating plenty of leads and the few energy clients I did end up working with reported great results, but mostly I was giving away lots of free session, and little else.

At last – the light bulb moment!

Isn’t it funny how it’s so much harder to see the flaws in our own thinking than in other people’s? One day it finally struck me – I needed to simply put everything I knew about branding to work on myself! To come up with a business that would combine ALL my gifts – creative, intuitive, and strategic – while helping others and raising the level of consciousness on the planet. What else, but offering marketing and lead generation services to healers? The lovely thing is, I can now geek out to my heart’s content while creating a fast track for others to bypass the pain and confusion I went through in my own evolution as an entrepreneur.

It took a huge, years-long struggle for me to piece all my gifts together and figure out what to do and whom to help with my Spirit-given gifts. But once it all fell into place it was so obvious. I LOVE being of service to spiritual entrepreneurs and feel so blessed to have the skills to do so! 🙂

Thank you so much for reading about my journey. I know you have a journey of your own to share, and gifts of your own that are so needed in the world right now.

If you are feeling like I was – stuck, stymied, and unsure of how to move forward – I would like to invite you to reach out to me. I offer a complimentary marketing strategy session to discover ways for you to connect with your ideal clients.  There’s no obligation: you can choose to work with me further, or we’ll part friends and you’ll have an actionable plan you can use to land your next ideal client.  The sooner we get started the sooner you’ll sign them up. Why not  request your session today?

Love & Light,

Christie Michelsen


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