Lesley's Angel squareCoaching & Consulting

“Thankyou Christie for our coaching session that has helped me put my loose ideas into a distinct plan with achievable goals! I feel buzzing with inspiration and anticipation for activating my new business plan.” – Lesley Michelle, UK
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 Wolf-woman-packMarketing Services 

“I thought your interpretation of my “voice” was excellent! Congratulations. :-)” – Alison Golden, founder, PaleoNonPaleo.com

Thank you for the great job and loved your professionalism and communication!”– Owner, PHJ Collectibles, Marquette, MI

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drummer illustrationWorkshops and Classes

“After class, I teared up… Thank you so much, Christie.  You are creating the space, and with our “intention” of what we would like to experience in your class, together, we have the opportunity to create magic.” -Jill Borsos, Transformational Coach

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Healing Artwork & Art Readings

“OH MY GOODNESS! Your drawing and your reading is so beautiful. I appreciate the LONG time you took to do this for me… you are right on the money on every point. It’s like you’ve known me all my life, or have been watching me from a vantage point–you’ve been watching me hide, show up and shapeshift before your eyes…(Christie), thank you so much for this wonderful reading. You really made my day with your words of wisdom and encouragement to persevere.” – Angie Khong Davis, Houston, TX
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