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Coming Soon:

The Sacred Art of Persuasive Writing

Money-Manifesting Writing Skills Aligned With Spiritual Principles

What if self-promotional writing could be as easy—and effective—as your spiritual practice? Good news—it can! Stop struggling to write about your business and start using your writing skills to spread the word about your business, teach, and attract fantastic new clients.

I will be offering this course online in the spring of 2017. Join my newsletter to stay posted. Or, send me a message with your name, location, phone/skype, and format preference (full day workshop or 6-8  week class).



Past offerings…

Wolf + H20

Secrets of the Animal Powers

How to Find and Connect With Your Spirit Animal Guides

Meet your Spirit Animal, and discover its remarkable power to heal and transform your life.

Take a guided journey into the world of Spirit Animals. Discover how to find your personal totem animal, as well as the meaning & messages of the animal guides that enter your life. We will be doing plenty of guided meditation work as well as group coaching & exercises you can do at home.

What we will explore & experience:

  • Discover the 3 major types of Spirit Animals and how they can help you
  •     Learn specific techniques for connecting with Power Animals
  •   Which techniques to avoid when seeking your Personal Totem
  •    How to create an attractive habitat for your Spirit Animal
  • Spirit Animal Communication – how to interpret your Power Animals’ meanings and messages
  •     How to tell if an animal is really your totem
  •     3-step method for figuring out what your power animal is trying to tell you
  •     Shadow animals and how to deal with them
  •     How to deepen your relationship with your power animal for greater spiritual growth, protection, and achieving your goals
  •     Advanced Spirit Animal techniques, including Shapeshifting and Chakra Animals
  • Guided Spirit Animal Meditations

All sessions are taught over the telephone and/or online, and are recorded so you can listen again at any time. (In-person workshops also available; contact me for more information.)  This course is recommended for individuals and for healers who would like greater insight into how to work with spirit animals in their sessions with clients.

If you would like me to let you know when this course will be offered next, send me a message with your name, location, phone/skype, and format preference (full day workshop or 6 week class).