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Want to change your business? Start here.

“Loving myself heals my life. Treating myself firmly but gently nourishes my mind, body and soul!”

 If you want to fix your business or heal your life, start first with loving yourself. Your own loving attitude is like the warm rays of the sun that allow your soul to grow.

Sometimes it’s hard to feel loving towards ourselves, especially when we let ourselves down. It can help to think of yourself as a very small child, just learning how the world works.

If a very young child falls on her face, do you beat up on her for her mistake?

Of course not! You comfort her and set her back on the ground to try again. And you trust that she will learn to walk and then to run. Sometimes the act of falling is just what she needs to help her learn!

Stop beating up on yourself. If you fall down, brush yourself off, give yourself a hug, and set yourself down again in the right direction to take the next step towards the Light.

You’ll be amazed at the changes that can happen in your life and business just from making this one simple shift!

Winds of change

Wind woman RGBIf there is one thing we can be certain of in life, it’s that things change.

And if we want to grow, change is inevitable. That inner call to purpose is in fact an invitation – sometimes even a command – to change our beliefs, our minds, our direction, sometimes all of the above.

But funny thing, if you follow it long enough sometimes it brings you full circle.

In recent years I’ve undergone a tremendous spiritual awakening that opened up gifts which I’ve felt compelled to share in service to others in the form of spiritual readings and healing work. This work is tremendously fulfilling and I’m grateful for the positive feedback I’ve received.

However, I have found that just as it didn’t feel right to NOT follow the healer’s path, so it also doesn’t feel right to leave my creative career in marketing behind. I find that leaving either one off the table leaves me feeling polarized, unstable, and inauthentic.

What to do?

In an interview I heard several years back, Karl Henrik Robert, the founder of The Natural Step, introduced a technique for dealing with difficult people. It is the “yes, and” technique.

Very simply, rather than opposing someone’s point of view (typically with a “No, but…” or even a “Yes, but…” response), you find something in it you can agree with and then tie it in to a portion of your own agenda so they can see how the situation could be changed to work for both parties (“Yes, and…”)

I have found this to be an extremely effective technique over the years. And now, faced with seemingly opposing agendas within myself, I’ve turned to it again.

Yes, I am a healer. And, I’m a die-hard creative (and hopeless marketing geek.)

Why not combine the two?

So that’s what I’m doing: My new brand, Lead Gen for Healers, combines my intuitive gifts with my creative skills and marketing expertise to help other healers, coaches, and service providers connect with more of the clients they love to work with.

It’s been a long time coming, but it feels right!


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